“Concerts For Humanity: When we consider the levels of human suffering taking place in the world today, the most tragic reality is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Every human being has the God given ability to show compassion towards those that we have have the ability to help. Even small acts of kindness generosity have the potential to evolve into a movement that can change the world.  I salute Shirley Maxwell and all that are involved in Concerts For Humanity for this endeavor designed to help those less fortunate, and I pray that this will be the beginning of something that will make a major impact in the world.  God Bless”.

Pastor Timothy Alden, City of Praise Christian Church

“Concerts For Humanity is like no other organization I have ever seen. The creativity and mission of this charity truly projects a real concern for our fellowman because the largest majority of funds raised is donated to their receiving charities. This is, in one word, AWESOME”.

Andrea K. Wilson, CEO Dana Malone International

“As a father of a U.S. Soldier, Concerts For Humanity is very dear and special to me. What they are doing through music is certainly to be commended. I am committed to doing whatever I can to help this great effort”.

Isaac Hernandez , VP of Programming and Syndication/Parables TV.

“Creativity and Ingenuity are descriptives reserved for Concerts For Humanity and their approach to helping other charities. I believe in their methodology, goals and objectives”.

Curtis Jackson, Managing Director/Westchester Bay Consulting 11/2013 (RIP 12/2015)