About Us



Concerts For Humanity Inc. is an IRS approved 501 (C) (3) entertainment based non-profit organization/charity. Concerts For Humanity utilizes the combined power of music/concert events, as well as the celebrity and talents of award winning recording artists and others to garner financial support for selected charities which address adversities such as, but not limited to: clean water, homelessness, hunger, military families and veterans, natural disaster driven problems, heart, cancer, and health issues.

 On behalf of our mission and beneficiaries, Concerts For Humanity, through its projects seek to INCREASE Financial and In-Kind Support, Brand Recognition and Awareness Recall.  The aforementioned applies to our Sponsors, Supporters,

and Patrons of the Arts.  We advocate the latest in social media technology, worldwide live streaming, print and electronic media, and other promotional techniques to maximize market penetration. Concerts For Humanity is honored and excited to be working with legendary boxing trainer, and sports  and business consultant  Jeff Mayweather of the Mayweather Boxing Family.  

 Concerts For Humanity will positively impact the lives of a larger number of individuals and families who are recipients of the charities we are supporting from funds derived from our events. Proceeds raised from our planned upcoming projects will enable Concerts For Humanity fund future fundraising events, work in collaboration with other organizations who possess similar humanitarian goals, objectives, and demonstrate sound fiscal management.  Future events will also provide financial support for Concerts For Humanity’s operational expenses. Recipient Organizations are selected by our Board of Directors and Executive Team.  Fifty to Sixty Five Percent (50-65%) of the net proceeds raised will be equally appropriated to these organizations in instances where more than one nonprofit organization is a beneficiary.